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Welcome To AdrenalineJunkies
We are a 16+ Serious Roleplay Server focused on bringing the most unique and best possible experience to Fivem. We strive to build a fun and friendly community for those looking for the best place to expand their acting skills. We have incredibly helpful and friendly staff that are here to listen to all your suggestions and help with any problems you may run into.
Civilian Life
We have a ton of Jobs and Fun things to do around the city. Never a dull moment
-Lots of Public Jobs with more and more being added all the time including:
-Advanced Mining Job
-Advanced Lumberjack Job
-Advanced Construction Worker Job
-Garbage Worker Job
-Forklift Job
-Reporter Job
-Bus Driver Job
-Taxi Driver Job
-Tow Truck Driver Job
-...and more w/much more coming
-Lots of Fun Activities for Everyone
-Become a CEO
-Advanced Farming
-Advanced Fishing
-Advanced Tattoo system (create youre own)
-Laser Tag
-Metal Detecting
-Car Derby
-Arcade Games
-Casino Gambling - Black Jack, Poker, Horse Racing, Lucky Wheel w/Bar
-Billiards,Basketball,Beer Pong,Water Activities and more
-...and more w/much more coming
Criminal Life
-Over 10+ Other Illegal Drugs
-Drug Labs
-Gun Crafting
-WELL Over 10+ UNIQUE Robberies/Heists with More and More Added All the Time
-Custom Weapons
-Custom Gangs with territories/spray
Whitelisted Jobs
-Mayor (Poll Voting)
-Mechanic shops over the city
-Car Dealers (Ownable)
-Real Estate....and More
Real Estate
-Custom Rental Shops
-100+ Shell Housing Available
-Custom Cars
-Multiple Departments
-Advanced Jail System
-Stretcher System
-PED Doctor for When No EMS Online
MLO'S - All Gabz maps in the city plus more
We have so much more to offer and explain that there just isn't enough space to explain it all. We encourage everyone that joins AdrenalineJunkies to play a multitude of characters so as to get a good understanding of every type of character and the experiences they might go through. We encourage you to make a Civilian Character, A Criminal Character and a Police/EMS Character. Feel Free to message one of our admins if you are experiencing any issues